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Creating Future Careers in STEM

The SEA Coding Club (SEACC) was founded to create a fun and approachable learning environment where kids can get their first taste of computer programming. 

Our combination of project-based learning and physical coding tools makes these otherwise abstract concepts easy for children to grasp, and requires no prior computer skills to learn!

SEACC is a one-of-a-kind community dedicated to helping people to learn computer programming. It offers courses in robotics, web design, game development, desktop applications, and much more.

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Our vision is to build a community of coders, sharing their passion and knowledge with one another, and supporting each other's learning by forming a technology ecosystem.

Our Tech Instructors Are Alumni/Graduates/Employees From The Companies/Institutions Below:


Dedicated and Personalized Learning

Our students are invited to an environment whereby they are free to explore their creativity and express their curiosity with the help of our dedicated tutors. Classes are personalized to best fit the learning style and level of each student regardless of age and educational background. Allow your child to achieve their best in their own unique way with us.