Robotics With Sphero

  • This course offers a great intro to robotics and visual programming with Sphero, a cute and hardy round robot.
  • Students will learn visual coding with Scratch.
  • Students will program a robot to complete tasks.  
  • Students will create basic games and obstacle courses.
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What is Sphero?
Sphero, Inc. is an American education-focused robotics and toy company. They launched their first Sphero robot in 2011. After joining the Disney accelarators program in 2015, they’ve designed robots for Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars.

We use Zoom for the best video-conferencing quality and highest lesson productivity for our students.

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 Suitable For Students Who:

  • Are ages 7 – 18
  • Are interested in robotics
  • Are interested in programming
  • Like problem solving


By the end of this course, students will: 

  • Understand Scratch visual coding language
  • Have developed programs for a robot to perform
  • Understand basic engineering
  • Develop technical problem solving skills
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